Streaming Videos

National Film Board (NFB) CANADA

CAMPUS is the National Film Board's platform for historical and educational Canadian media content across a wide range of subject areas, from Aboriginal and First Nations culture to contemporary social issues like gender equality, healthcare, and multiculturalism. You can search by these categories: 

Access National Film Board through the library website:‚Äč

Go to the library home page:

Click on the 'Library Databases' link under the search box


Look at the A to Z list and look for National Film Board(NFB) CAMPUS


  • Create an account using your Bow Valley College username and password
  • You can also search titles, directors, channels, and playlists

Open National Film Board (NFB) CAMPUS:

  • Search the video you wish to use
  • Click the embed button </> on the right side of  the video 
  • You can choose the duration of the video
  • Copy and paste the embedded code


Director(s) last name, Initial. (Year, Month Day). Title of video in italics and sentence case [Video]. National Film Board. https://www-nfb-ca.bowvalley......


Kuzmickas, N. (Director). (2004). A map of the mind: Managing adolescent psychosis  [Video]. National Film Board.

In-text citation (paraphrase):

(Director(s)'s last name, year)


(Kuzmickas, 2004)

In-text citation (direct quote):

(Director(s)'s last name, year, timestamp)


(Kuxmickas, 2004, 1:15)