Streaming Videos

Films on Demand

Access Films on Demand through the library website:‚Äč

Go to the library home page:

Click on the 'Library Databases' link under the search box


Look at the A to Z list and look for Films on Demand

Search by using keywords in the search box

Use filters to narrow down your search

Open Films on Demand:

  • Open a specific segment of a title
  • Click on title or segment you would like to link to
  • Select Share button under the video
  • Select the Embed/ Link tab
  • Click copy button next to the embed code after selecting the size  
  • Paste the embed code where you want to embed the video




Director/ Producer last name, Initial. (Year). Title of video in italics and sentence case [Film]. http://url......


BBC Worldwide Learning (Producer). (2017). Persuasion Machine [Film]. Films on Demand.

In-text citation (paraphrase):

(Director(s)'s last name, year)


(BBC Worldwide Learning, 2004)

In-text citation (direct quote):

(Director(s)'s last name, year, timestamp)


(BBC Worldwide Learning, 2004, 1:15)