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Printing costs 10 cents ($0.10) a page. Two sided prints cost 20 cents. You MUST have money in your print account before you can use the BVC printers.

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1. Add money to your print account

2. Send a print job to the printer

3. Pick up your printing


Adding money to your print account

1. Scan the QR code below or go to:






2. Log on using your full myBVC email address and password 


3. Click on the Budget Recharge button on the lower right of the screen 


4. Type in the dollar amount you want to put onto your account. You must add at least 1 dollar to your account. You CANNOT use decimals 

6. Click on Next and wait for the payment screen to load. You can log in with PayPal to pay or click "Continue as Guest" to pay with your credit card details 

Your payment may take up to 15 minutes to process 




You can print from any of the computers in the library OR from your personal device.

Option 1: Printing from a BVC computer

1.Log on to a BVC computer using your myBVC email and password

2.Open your document and click on 'Print'


Option 2: Printing from your phone/laptop

Sign into your myBVC email account from your device. You MUST use your myBVC email

Send a new email to from your mybvc email


  • Leave the subject and message blank
  • Attach the files you want to print



Picking up your printing

1. Go to the printer and tap on the 'AD login' button at the bottom right of the touch screen.

2. Use the touchscreen keypad or attached keyboard to type in your full myBVC email address and password to log in.


3.Tap the Secure Print button


4. Tap on your print job, then tap either Print and Delete or Print and Keep 


5. Collect your pritning and then tap on Log Out