This is an example of an eBook via ProQuest:

The example below shows an eBook from the  Ebook Central.

To create an account: 

  • Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner

  • On the Sign In page, click Create Account
  • Complete the form, and then click Create Account

To download a full copy of an eBook for offline reading on a laptop or desktop computer:

 1. Click on the download button: 

   a. If you are on the book's detail page, the download button is located under the book's cover image:      

   b. Some libraries require you to open the book in the online reader before downloading it. From the online reader,

         the download button  is the  first icon in the upper right: 

2. If you are not already signed in to your Ebook Central account, you will be asked to sign in. 

3. Then you will be asked what kind of device you are using. 

 4. You will be prompted to download Adobe Digital Editions

5. And then download 


Searching within an eBook is a helpful feature to access relevant information on your research topic.  Use the Search within book feature available on the left-hand side of an eBook, to locate specific content. 

Search Results

When you type a search term, you’ll see a list of chapters, similar to the table of contents. Click the triangle to the left of the chapter heading; now you'll see every page that includes the searched term within the chapter, along with the number of hits.