Library Services

To request a reserve book: 

  • Look up the title of the textbook you would like to reserve on the library homepage
  • Sign in to your library account using your Bow Valley College login and password
  • Click on the title of the book you want to request
  • Under the "Get It" heading, click on the Request link.
  • This will allow you to place a request.
  • To view a list of your requests, click on your name on the top-right corner of the page and then click "My Requests." You can view, edit, and remove your requests from this screen.

Picking up your requests:  guidelines

  • Wait for an email notification that the book is ready is to pick before coming to the library
  • Emails will be sent to your mybvc email
  • You must bring your Student ID card 
  • Use our self check out station to sign out your book

Self Checkout Procedure

There are 2 options for signing out books

1. Right at the shelf with your mobile phone

  • Download the CloudLibrary App from Google Play or iTunes
  • Open the app and enter your Bow Valley College student ID number to link it to the app.
  • Tap on the checkout button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the Scan Barcode button (you will need to allow the app access to your camera).
  • Using your phone's camera, center the barcode in the frame until your phone vibrates and a message pops up saying the item has been added to your checkout list.
  • When you're done scanning items, tap on Finish.
  • Tap the Check out button to check out.
  • Before leaving the library, bring your book(s) to the self-service desensitizing station located by the stairs to the first floor. Scan the barcode with the machine, then place the book into the machine's tray, with the spine against the slant. Slide the book along the tray to the back of the machine until the light turns green. This will prevent the book from setting off the alarm when you leave.

2. Sign out the book at our new self-check machine located before the library exit. You will need your student id which also acts as your library card.