Open Education Resources (OER)

Create Your Own Textbook

Create Your Own Open Textbook

Open Education Alberta is a publishing service for open textbooks and educational resources. It was developed by the Alberta OER Technology and Infrastructure Working Group which includes representatives from postsecondary institutions across Alberta. Bow Valley College became a member in 2021.

Our membership includes access to PressBooks. PressBooks is a tool that allows the publishing of open textbooks that are free for everyone. For information on creating and publishing using PressBooks, check out their user guide. Contact the library for login credentials and for support with getting started. 

The OER Starter Kit is an excellent resource for information on how to find, create, and teach with open educational resources. Note that to be published in the Open Education Alberta catalog, you must assign a Creative Commons license to your OER that allows others to revise and remix the content. More information is available in the Creative Commons Licenses section of the University of Alberta's OER Starter Kit.