This guide will help you better understand and use the RGO Library and Learning Commons eBooks collection. The library provides access to a wide range of eBooks including textbooks. Some reasons for using eBooks are: 

  • eBooks can be accessed from anywhere 
  • Some textbooks are available to students for free as eBooks
  • eBooks can be downloaded and read from mobile devices
  • Many eBooks allow you to search within the contents to easily locate information or quotations
  • There are no overdue charges; if you borrow an eBook by downloading it to an electronic device, it will be automatically returned by deleting itself

How to find and access ebooks in the library catalogue:

STEP 1: Type your research topic or the ebook title in the catalogue search box on the library website:

STEP 2: Click on Online access under the title:

STEP 3: Scroll down and look for the 'Full text available at' link:

Next, login using your Bow Valley College login information to read the book online. You can view it on the webpage or download by creating an account and borrowing it.