APA Style, 6th Edition

How to Find the Volume & Issue Numbers for a Journal Article

APA style requires volume and/or issue numbers for journal article references. This is because journals are periodicals, which means they are published at regular intervals or time periods, so additional information is needed indicating when and where the article was published. 

NOTE: Journal articles usually have BOTH a volume and issue number. Sometimes, they will only have ONE of these numbers.

Volume and issue numbers appear in one (or more) of these places. Check both when referencing an article:


  • The library catalogue or database record provides details needed to reference in addition to full-text access to the article in PDF or HTML formats. 
  • Volume and issue numbers are typically listed next to Source in the catalogue or database record​:


  • The volume and issue number may also appear on the front page of the journal article.
  • However, the issue number is often NOT printed on the front page - instead, it is only located in the library catalogue or databases. Always check the library catalogue or database record to find the volume and issue numbers for journal article references: