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Governments and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) produce a large amount of information in many forms, such as committee reports, research publications, white papers and statistics. Subject areas go beyond political and legal information to include health, economics, science, education, and other areas. Some types of information, such as census data and statistics on crime or education, are only produced by governments and IGOs. 

This page directs users to significant sources of information from the Government of Canada, United Nations (UN), Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs), United States Government, and International Governments, such as the European Union (EU)For subject-specific governmental and intergovernmental information, select one of the tabs above

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Google search results can be limited to government sources by using "site:" and identifying the standard top-level domain name (i.e. "" or ".gov") in your search statement.

For example: education site: 

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