Plagiarism & Academic Honesty at Bow Valley College

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a tool designed to assist learners and instructors in reducing plagiarism and ensuring academic honesty. Assignments are compared against a large database and a report is created that allows learners to see if their assignment matches, or is similar to, any of the material in the database.

NOTE: Not every instructor will use Turnitin for their assignments. It is important to check with your instructor to see if they will be using it.

  • For questions about how to access your Turnitin "Similarity Report" please contact your instructor. The library is unable to help with this.
  • For help with rewriting or rephrasing your assignment, please contact your program tutor.
  • For general questions about citations please contact the library at
  • For help with submitting your assignment to the D2L Brightspace dropbox, please watch the tutorials on Student Support in D2L or contact Learner Technology Support in the RGO Library and Learning Commons.