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Create Customized Research Alerts

A research alert is a great tool for keeping up with the latest findings and publications in a specific field or subject area. By creating accounts in our database collection, users can receive automated emails containing new results from a saved search statement at selected intervals. Follow these links for more details:

Learn how to set up search alerts in EBSCOHost databases and platforms:

Subscribe to RSS Feeds

An abbreviation of Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, RSS is an XML-based format for the syndication of website content that is frequently updated. RSS documents, referred to as "feeds," save time by aggregating new content into a single interface so the user does not need to visit and monitor multiple websites. Websites that commonly offer RSS feeds include newssites, blogs, wikis, search results, and similar sites that publish new content on a regular basis. 

Users can subscribe to a feed by entering the website URL into an RSS reader or clicking the RSS feed icon in the web browser: