Plagiarism & Academic Honesty at Bow Valley College

How to Avoid Plagiarism: Tips, Strategies & Tutorials

Avoiding plagiarism is simplealways properly cite the original source of the ideas and information that you use in an essay or assignment.

Most instructors at Bow Valley College require learners use APA style. For help formatting citations in APA style, use the library's online guide here

Follow these links for more help and advice on avoiding plagiarism:

Originality check! Use this flowchart to help determine if you need to cite a source to avoid plagiarism: 

"The mere copying of texts has no educational value. Moreover, it involves students in moral compromise and deception. Letting plagiarists incorporate parts of external texts into their works is, of course, not fair on the honest students who do not plagiarize" (Kakkonen & Mozgovoy, 2012, p. 1168).

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